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Site updated on: 05/03/07 spacerNews page
  • 05/03/07 - A new convention has just been announced. Please head to where you can find the details.

    (Please note that this convention is being organised by people that are not associated with the 2006 convention - so any enquiries about the 2007 convention must be directed at the organisers of that convention and not here.)

  • 02/06/06 - The Convention was a great success and a splendid time was had by all! There are too many people to thank for this success - Doug Melbourne for organising it, the bands who performed over the two days, the special guests Ant Phillips, John Mayhew and Steve Hackett. Most of all we would like to thank YOU the audience for making it a success.

    For those who would like to relive their memories of the Convention weekend, or those who couldn't make it; there is an online photo site you can visit. Head on over to the Genesis Convention photobucket and have a browse.

  • 26/05/06 - *STOP PRESS* The venue for the pre-convention drink has been announced (better late than never) - If people are so-inclined please head to the "Tottenham" public house in Oxford Street for a nice liquid lunch.
  • 08/05/06 - Updated the "Events" page to provide some more details of what is happening at the convention and when.
  • 27/04/06 - London Transport has planned engineering works on the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line during the Convention weekend. This means that for people travelling to the convention via the Underground network will have to use an alternate route to get to Tottenham Court Road station via the Central Line.
  • 10/04/06 - Updated the tickets booking link to the Mean Fiddler website. This link should be more stable and tickets should be easier to purchase.
  • 16/03/06 - The quiz has been set by none other than Alan Hewitt, a well-known and reknowned Genesis expert - so expect a few tough questions to answer. The fantastic prizes for the winner(s) have been donated by, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins.
  • 16/03/06 - A brief, but incomplete, itinerary has been put onto the "Events" page. This shows the proposed timings of the events occurring over the convention weekend.
  • 14/02/06 - We've received a number of emails recently to report that the link to the Meanfiddler tickets page for the convention is broken. Unfortunately it is a problem at their end, so on our links page I have put a link to a Google search results page that list other ticket agencies selling tickets for the convention. (Please note that the link contains links to pages where tickets are NOT being sold.) Google search for Convention tickets
  • 09/01/06 - The Genesis 2006 Convention website goes "live". (But I think you can see that already.)
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